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Professional Air Impact wrench - consumer guideline
A pneumatic wrench is one of the most powerful and extensively used tools in nearly all auto workshops.

The pneumatic wrench is a socket wrench power tool developed to generate high torque output with minimal effort by the operator, by storing energy in a rotating mass, then supplying it suddenly to the output shaft.

Other popular names for the pheumatic wrench include:
- impact wrench
- impactor
- air wrench
- air gun
- rattle gun
- torque gun

Compressed air is the most prevalent power supply for air wrenches. However, the electric powered design is also common.

The third type of impact wrench is the cordless electric concept, which is increasingly popular given the developments with stored energy battery products.

Impact wrenches are widely used in a good number ofindustries, most notably: automotive repair; heavy equipment maintenance; product assembly (often often called "pulse tools" and designed for precise torque output); major construction projects, and any other instance where a high torque output is important.

Impact wrenches are available in every standard socket wrench drive size, for instance:small 1/4" drive tools for small assembly and disassembly, up to 3.5" and larger square drives for major construction and heavy duty industrial purposes. Impact wrenches are one of the most commonly used air tools, and are found in the majority automotive mechanic shops.

There are a large number of brand name pneumatic wrench in the marketplace to choose from. Some of the more popular brands include:

Pneumatic Impact Wrenches:
Ampro Butterfly
Cambell Hausfeld
Chicago Pneumatic
Florida Pneumatic
SK Progun

Electric Impact Wrenches / Drivers

Cordless Impact Wrenches / Drivers
Black & Decker

Impact wrenches are available in all conventional socket sizes and in several styles, depending on the application.

- The smaller 1/4" drive wrench is typically on the market in both 'inline' (the user holds the tool like a screwdriver), and pistol grip styles (as the name suggests, held like a pistol). A less common model is the angle drive wrench. This style share similar design featurs to the inline impact wrench tool

- Impact wrenches of the 3/8" size are most commonly available in pistol grip shape. Also available in stores is a particular inline model regarded as a "butterfly" wrench, which has a large, flat throttle paddle on one side of the tool which may be tilted to one side or the other to control the direction of rotation, rather than using a separate reversing control. This unusual design profile provides access into difficult work areas.

- Typical inline and angle 3/8" drive impact wrenches are uncommon, although they are available from speciality store outlets.

- Impact wrench 1/2" drive units are actually only available in pistol grip style, with any inline type being virtually impossible to obtain, mainly due to the greater torque transmitted back to the user and the increased weight of the tool needing the larger handle.

- Impact wrench 3/4" drive impact wrenches just as before basically only on the market in pistol grip form.

- Impact drive tools of the 1" size are obtainable in both pistol grip and "D handle" inline models. The latter type features an enclosed handle grip on the back of the tool. These two models often feature a side handle, permitting both hands to hold the tool at once.

- Impact drive tools 1.25" and even larger wrenches are usually available to buy in "T handle" style, with two large handles on either side of the tool body, permitting for the highest level of torque to be used by the operator, and providing the best control of the tool.

Sockets are a necessary requirement for working with a pneumatic wrench Its also necessary to use proper sockets. Special impact sockets are designed to take the force of these powerful tools. An average socket will fatigue under such high torque conditions. Thus, it is recommend to get the best air impact wrench and matching sockets your budget provides.

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