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Pneumatic air impact wrench - buying tips

A pneumatic wrench It is a very powerful tool and an essential tool for most automotive mechanics and technicians.

The pneumatic wrench is a socket wrench power tool engineered to produce high torque output with minimal effort by the user, by storing energy in a rotating mass, then supplying it suddenly to the output shaft.

The pneumatic wrench is also known as:
- impact wrench
- impactor
- air wrench
- air gun
- rattle gun
- torque gun

Compressed air is the most prevalent power source for air wrenches. However, the electric powered design is also common.

The third category of impact wrench is the cordless electric design, which is ever more popular given the improvements with stored energy battery technology.

Impact wrenches are widely used in various industries, for example: automotive repair; heavy equipment maintenance; product assembly (often called "pulse tools" and designed for precise torque output); major construction projects, and any other instance where a high torque output is required.

Impact wrenches are offered in every standard socket wrench drive size, for example:small 1/4" drive tools for small assembly and dis assembly, up to 3.5" and larger square drives for major construction and heavy duty industrial situations. Impact wrenches are one of the most commonly used air tools, and are found in the majority automotive mechanic shops.

There are quite a few brand names of air impact wrench available in stores to choose from. Popular brands available:

Pneumatic Impact Wrenches Electric Impact Wrenches Cordless Impact Wrenches


Ampro Butterfly

Cambell Hausfeld

Central Pneumatic Earthquake

Chicago Pneumatic

Florida Pneumatic



K&E Tools

Klutch Tools

Napa Air Tools

Northern Tools

Onyx Phneumatic Tools



SK Progun








Black & Decker







Impact wrenches are available in all conventional socket sizes and in various styles, depending on the purpose.

- The smaller 1/4" drive wrench is typically available in both 'inline' (the user holds the tool like a screwdriver), and pistol grip styles (as the name suggests, held like a pistol). A more uncommon style is the angle drive wrench. This is similar to an inline wrench tool, but with a set of bevel gears to rotate the output end 90 degrees to the handle grip.

- Impact wrenches of the 3/8" size are most commonly available in pistol grip type. Also available in stores is a special inline style known as a "butterfly" wrench, which has a large, flat throttle paddle on one side of the tool which allows for tilting to one side or the other to manipulate the direction of rotation, rather than using a separate reversing control. This unusual design shape gives access into limited work areas.

- Regular inline and angle 3/8" drive impact wrenches are uncommon, however, can be sources from specialty tool stores.

- Impact wrench 1/2" drive units are pretty much only available in pistol grip form, with any inline type difficult to find, mainly due to the enhanced torque carried back to the operator and the greater weight of the tool requiring the more robust handle.

- Impact wrench 3/4" drive impact wrenches are basically only obtainable in pistol grip form.

- Impact drive tools of the 1" size are available for purchase in both pistol grip and "D handle" inline models. The latter design features an enclosed handle grip on the back of the tool. Each of those styles often combine a side handle, allowing for the user to use booth hands to hold the tool.

- Impact drive tools 1.25" and greater wrenches are usually available to buy in "T handle" variety, with two large handles on each side of the tool body housing, providing for the highest level of torque to be applied by the operator, and providing the best control of the tool.

Pneumatic wrenches require sockets in order to carry out their purpose. Its also essential to use good quality sockets. Special impact sockets are developed to take the abuse of these powerful tools. An poor quality socket will not last long under such high torque conditions. Thus, it is recommend to purchase the best air impact wrench and matching sockets your budget provides.

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