Tone Shear Impact Wrench

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Tone 6N7 part for tone shear impact wrench T22UN7 8


Tone 4U28E part for tone shear or impact wrench J U7 8


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Pneumatic impact wrench - buyer tips

A pneumatic wrench It is a a powerful tool and a necessary air tool for most auto mechanics and technicians.

The pneumatic or air wrench is a socket wrench power tool engineered to produce high torque output with reduced physical effort by the user, by storing energy in a rotating mass, then delivering it suddenly to the output shaft.

Other popular names for the pneumatic wrench include:
- impact wrench
- impactor
- air wrench
- air gun
- rattle gun
- torque gun

The power supply for impact wrenches depends on the design. A lot of heavy duty impact wrenches are powered by compressed air. Other models are run by electricity.

There is an increasingly popular design of pneumatic wrench, namely the battery powered cordless type. Advances in battery storage products mean this category of impact wrench is especially popular for the mobile mechanic and home prosumer.

Impact wrenches are commonly used in various industries, including: automotive repair; heavy equipment maintenance; product assembly (often regarded as "pulse tools" and designed for precise torque output); major construction projects, and any other instance where a high torque output is important.

Impact wrenches are available in every standard socket wrench drive size, for example:small 1/4" drive tools for small assembly and disassembly, up to 3.5" and larger square drives for major construction and heavy duty industrial applications. Impact wrenches are one of the most popular air tools, and are found in the majority of automotive mechanic shops.

There are various brand name air impact wrench on the market to choose from. Some of the more popular brands include:

Pneumatic Impact Wrenches:
Ampro Butterfly
Cambell Hausfeld
Chicago Pneumatic
Florida Pneumatic
SK Progun
Tone Shear

Electric Impact Wrenches / Drivers

Cordless Impact Wrenches / Drivers
Black & Decker

Impact wrenches are available to buy in all standard socket sizes and in a number of styles, depending on the purpose.

- The smaller 1/4" drive wrench is generally on the market in both 'inline' (used in a similar manner as a hand screwdriver), and pistol grip styles (the user holds a handle grip, which is at right angles to the socket end). A more uncommon model is the angle drive wrench. This is similar to an inline wrench tool, with the addition of a set of bevel gears to rotate the output end 90 degrees to the handle grip.

- Impact wrenches of the 3/8" size are usually available in pistol grip type. Also available in the market place is a specialized inline form referred to as a "butterfly" wrench, which has a large, flat throttle paddle on {one side|the side| of the tool which allows for tilting to one side or the other to control the direction of rotation, rather than using a separate reversing control. This distinct design profile makes it possible for access into snug work areas.

- Typical inline and angle 3/8" drive impact wrenches are uncommon, however, can be sourced from specialty tool stores, both online and offline.

- Impact wrench 1/2" drive units are essentially only available in pistol grip shape, with any inline type being virtually impossible to obtain, mainly due to the enhanced torque carried back to the user and the increased weight of the tool needing the more robust handle.

- Impact wrench 3/4" drive impact wrenches are generally available for purchase only in the pistol grip style.

- Impact drive tools of the 1" size are available on the market in both pistol grip and "D handle" inline models. The latter design features an enclosed handle grip on the back of the tool. Both styles often combine a side handle, permitting the user to use booth hands to hold the tool.

- Impact air wrenches 1.25" and even bigger wrenches are usually available for sale in "T handle" type, with two large handles on either side of the tool body housing, enabling for optimum torque to be used by the operator, and giving the best control of the tool.

Sockets are a necessary requirement for operating a pneumatic wrench Its also essential to use good quality sockets. Specific impact sockets are designed to take the force of these powerful tools. An poor quality socket will not last long under such high torque scenarios. Thus, it is recommend to buy the best air impact wrench and matching sockets your budget allows.

Tone Shear Impact Wrench - consumers recently found and bought these wrenches.

Tone 4U28E part for tone shear or impact wrench J U7 8,  Tone 6N7 part for tone shear impact wrench T22UN7 8,  

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